Edamame – Japanese restaurant

Edamame, Oxford
Edamame, Oxford
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Edamame, Oxford

15 Holywell Street
01865 246 916
Edamame, OxfordEdamame is an inviting and informal eatery in Oxford’s city centre that serves delicious Japanese food (and sushi) at low prices in a cosy atmosphere. Despite the existence in Oxford of several Asian “fusion” and formulaic chain outlets, we fiercely maintain our policy of serving only authentic Japanese food that we prepare with lashings of love and care !

Our signature dish edamame “eh-dah-mah-meh” are baby soy beans. Please try some as a starter while we prepare your other selections. Just pop them out of their salted pods and enjoy their succulent and addictive flavour.

Instead of offering one large menu we operate a schedule of three different smaller menus through the week,
to ensure that the ingredients and their preparation are as fresh as possible :

our lunch menu – everyday except Monday and Tuesday (with some vegetarian options),
our sushi night menu – Thurs early evenings only (with limited vegetarian options),
and our evening menu – Fri and Sat early evenings only, which has the widest range of vegetarian choices.

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